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Built on diversity, inclusion, and respect, UBE is a community where you’ll be accepted for who you are. We’re here to help you reach your goals.

UBE Lifestyle

Nestled on the north side of St. Louis city, UBE provides students with everything they need for a rewarding college experience. UBE is short for the University of Black Excellence. The mission of the University of Black Excellence is to empower graduating high school seniors through an expert learning curriculum and enriching campus environment that encourages full participation in life, while fostering intellectual, social and leadership development. Refine your skills, explore your talents, and choose your focus while pursuing a bachelor’s or graduate degree from UBE.

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Campus Culture & Student Experiences


UBE is a university program designed to connect students with the right resources to help them achieve excellent health and balance. With counseling, and wellness resources accessible right on campus, you can feel confident that you’re getting the tools you need to meet your goals.


As the applicant pool of international students to UBE has increased over the past few years, so has the interest in our quality program. We are seeking funding to increase international student enrollments by 12% for four years in a row and fund an entrance scholarship program starting at $8,000 per year based on academic merit.


Our motto around here is, “We play it like we mean it.” So work hard, play hard at the University of Black Excellence, a 15,000-square-foot fitness center that has something for everyone. The Rec Center houses a full schedule of classes including FIT, Zumba®, baton twirling and foreign language tutoring.


Expand your campus facilities with modern, international-standard rooms. Design student living areas that enable richer and deeper social and intellectual engagement among students with different cultures and backgrounds.


UBE has revolutionized the way we think about safety on campus. Regardless of your interests or background, a learning environment fostered by the UBE is bound to make an impact. Here at UBE, we pride ourselves in promoting campus safety while preserving individuality and community.


Our aim is to ensure that students have a better experience while studying at UBE. For many, this means they are staying in shared housing; for others it means an alternative, more independent living arrangement. No matter the situation, we can provide flexible housing solutions to meet student’s circumstances and individual needs.

Housing & Dining

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Room & Board

No matter where you live, you are always close to campus and new friends. On-campus housing provides a supportive community atmosphere with spacious and comfortable living areas, high-tech learning labs, recreational facilities, laundry facilities and kitchens.

Room & Board Options

UBE Campus Experience - Dining Options

Campus Dining

On-campus eating options are plentiful, and at great value, with all-you-can-eat residential dining and restaurants at UBE. Dine in the open marketplace at UBE Market. Or choose a fresh meal at one of our on-campus restaurants: café, coffee shop, or restaurant.

Dining Options

Diversity & Inclusion

The Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (I.D.E.) advances a campus environment free from discrimination and intolerances so that everyone can fully participate, achieve and serve. We are steadily working towards becoming a more inclusive, diverse and equitable community by developing programs, policies and initiatives that benefit individuals throughout their lives while strengthening the university’s ability to compete nationally and globally.